Choosing the right kitchen

Choosing the right kitchen

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You are finally decided to make a real kitchen, but now, all the possibilities available to you do not really help you! Kit or custom kitchen? Aesthetics or practicality? What about the budget? Here are our tips for choosing the kitchen that will allow you to cook good meals!

The advantages of a kit kitchen

If you live in a new or recent accommodation, you do not have specific requirements regarding the materials and you focus on the practicality of a kitchen, the solution of a kit kitchen may be made for you! A kit kitchen is made up of standard elements and furniture pre-designed in standard dimensions. If the dimensions match and the furniture is suitable for you, you can completely compose your kitchen and arrange it as you wish. A kit kitchen allows great modularity but it will be your only personal touch when it comes to your furniture. However, there will be certain elements to put in your measures such as the work plan. If you are a good handyman, you can leave with your kitchen upon purchase and even assemble it yourself. However, more often than not, brands that offer kit kitchens always have a professional to install it at your home.

A kit kitchen is practical and quick to install

Why choose a custom kitchen

If the room in which your kitchen is located has rounded, non-standard heights, quirky angles; if you know exactly what materials you want to use and if they are very specific, in short, if your room is not entirely standard and you have a pronounced taste, we recommend that you favor a custom-made kitchen. A tailor-made kitchen is produced by a artisan or one cuisiniste , using them is the assurance of optimizing all the spaces and being able to personalize this room exactly as you wish, choose the materials, the elements. Contrary to the kitchen in very fast delivery kit, it is necessary to envisage a delivery time much longer because all the elements which you will have chosen will be designed and manufactured at the kitchen or the craftsman before being posed on your premise.

A tailor-made kitchen for maximum customization

A budget for each kitchen

You want to redo your kitchen, but you do not know what budget to allocate to this project. Investing in a kitchen can quickly represent a significant budget, between the elements of the furniture, the possible household appliances, the installation and the delivery, it is then important to know where you set foot! Generally we consider that there is a difference of 30% on average between a kit kitchen and a custom kitchen. In fact, the elements of a kit kitchen are often designed as standard, standardized and in the same materials. The price of installation is often considered to increase costs. So if you are on a tight budget and if you live in recent accommodation with standard prices, you can opt for the kit kitchen, which will be simple and practical. If you prefer maximum customization with high-end materials and your budget follows, turn to a custom kitchen.

There are kitchens for all budgets!

Be the chef!

Whether you let yourself be tempted by a tailor-made kitchen that corresponds in all points to your decorating wishes or you prefer to bet on the fast and practical side of a kit kitchen, making or remaking a kitchen will be a significant budget allocated to your accommodation. So first of all, think carefully about the use you make of this room. Think about the time you spend in this space, if you like to cook good meals or if you only heat your frozen trays, if you are the type to store a lot of dishes and food or if you do not need to put away a lot. You are the chef!

Choose a kitchen that suits you!