Expand your house by pushing the walls…

Expand your house by pushing the walls…

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Without transforming a studio into a palace, a little common sense and a few design rules are enough to make you feel at home. Interior designer Florence Bontemps * shares her tips with us. Interview by Gilles Wallon What are the basic rules for optimizing small spaces? Let's start with the obvious: purifying is essential. Favor harmony in colors and textures. Opt for a maximum of storage spaces. Choose movable and modular furniture. We find everywhere modular objects, retractable tables, which slip into a sliding piece of furniture. If you buy a sofa take it convertible and pay attention that it fits well on the wall. An integrated kitchen seems almost essential. Finally, do not hesitate to divert the furniture: a storage chest can act as a coffee table. An American kitchen type counter will play the role of an office. In short, it will be original, inventive, daring. And forget his conventions. So much the better: it is a challenge. How to start your work in a small space? At the start, start with a sheet and paper. Take a tour of your spaces, list everything, don't forget anything: ceiling height, bases, sub-slopes, orientation to light ... Even if it means having few volumes, you might as well make the most of everything. Also think about your lifestyle. Think about your daily actions, the activities you prefer and to which you are ready to devote space. For example: do you work a lot at home? If so, think about positioning your desk in relation to the window light. On paper, also take stock of your furniture: what to keep?, What to throw away? You will have to sort it out and remain reasonable on what you need. Without forgetting the pleasure: you can quite keep a magnificent mirror which, however, occupies an enormous place. What colors or materials will enlarge a small space? First, it is better to choose a uniform coating in all of its rooms: a beautiful floating parquet, for example. Go for the simplest, purity, sobriety: it will give you a feeling of grandeur and harmony. For the walls, white remains the unmissable classic and it can give a nice contrast to a parquet or sheared floor. But we have a choice. Color in small doses, light tones, allow to intensify and highlight the light. The cold colors - blue, blue-gray or turquoise - give a feeling of distance, therefore of grandeur. Finally, red and orange define the space. For furniture, lacquer reflects light well, just like glass. * Florence Bontemps is director of the Décoémotion agency Photo: Espace Loggia, Color Futons


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