Wall decoration: lacquer

Wall decoration: lacquer

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The pro's advice

In the lacquer, there is no miracle, the preparation of the support must be very, very careful, because all the defects are seen. So that your lacquer is well stretched and shiny, the surface to be painted must be perfectly smooth ... Always choose an excellent quality lacquer and do not play the thrifty. In general, we paint relatively small surfaces ... Do not neglect the quality. The main defect of the amateur painter remains a problem of dosage: if your lacquer sheep, either it is too cold, or the dilution of the paint is not consistent enough ... Increase the dose slightly. If, on the contrary, it strings, it is because your brush is not sufficiently loaded with paint: do not be afraid to impregnate it with lacquer. The room temperature must remain between 16 and 18 ° C. Dust the site with a vacuum cleaner, even tape all the openings, and, if you work in a room with tiled floor, moisten it and work "feet in the water": thus there will be no projection of dust… great enemy of the mirror effect of lacquer!

Good to know

This finish is generally reserved for joinery. If possible, disassemble your door and work flat.

The right move

Pass the cloth to dry the lacquer, then the flat of the hand on all surfaces. Know how to do everything © La maison rustique - éditions Flammarion, 2006


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