The Energy Renovation Label: a guarantee for owners

The Energy Renovation Label: a guarantee for owners

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When it comes to renovating their home, the owners are often lost. Promotelec is launching a new label, the Energy Renovation Label, to support owners in their renovation project. Olivier Jourdan, Energy and Environmental Performance Manager, deciphers the foundations.

What does the Energy Renovation Label consist of?

This label replaces the Existing Habitat Label, which mainly concerned heating. This new label includes the participation of an expert in energy renovation. We started from the observation that people do not always make the right choices in renovations and too often, they just change their heating equipment without taking into account the heat losses of the house. An individual does not necessarily have the competence to decide on the work to be done. Concretely, the individual who wishes to have work done, that is to say the client, explains to an expert what his expectations and means are and this expert makes him an adapted proposal. Then, if the client agrees, a file is submitted to Promotelec which validates the work recommendations. When the site is finished, we come to check that it is properly implemented and then we issue the Label and an energy performance diagnosis.

Is it the same Label for everyone?

It has several levels, from one to four stars, depending on the final consumption calculated after work. There is even a fifth level, the Effinergie label, the most ambitious. Even if you start from what is called a "thermal wreck" and you don't have a lot of means to do the work, you can still get a star. This label is not elitist.

What are the costs of such an approach?

For the initial assessment as well as the projected assessment carried out by the expert, it takes an average of 300 to 400 euros but it depends on the surface. Regarding the issuance of the Energy Renovation Label at the end of the works by Promotelec, this costs 390 euros excluding taxes.

What are the benefits of such an approach for the individual?

First of all, he is sure that his renovation project will be well thought out and meet his needs. He also has the guarantee that the works will be carried out in the rules of the art since there is a site control. Finally, the work carried out will be enhanced: by the comfort of the inhabitants, first of all, but also during a possible resale of the accommodation. You should also know that the agreement of Promotelec on the recommendation of the expert can be useful to obtain a loan from the ANAH (national agency for the improvement of the habitat) or even from a banker. To find out more: