Customize your dishes for Christmas

Customize your dishes for Christmas

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With the end-of-year celebrations, the tables are adorned with their finery thanks, among other things, to the dishes. But between buying new dishes and bringing out that of the grandmother is a third alternative: customize your dishes! Here are five ideas to decorate glasses, cutlery and plates as you please.

The painting

Painting (special glass or porcelain paint) lets your imagination run wild but requires some artistic talent! Thanks to stencils that you will have made or a "pattern" on which you will have drawn, reproduce on your glasses and glass plates Christmas motifs.

The stickers

They are everywhere, and why not stick them on the dishes! On the outside of dishes or glasses, the stickers allow you to customize without too much brain drain! However, make sure that the stickers are not in contact with food.


And yes, some markers are specially designed to adhere to surfaces such as glass, metal, terracotta ... All you have to do is remember your coloring sessions!

Gift ribbons

The ribbons that are used to tie gift packages can also be used as tableware decor. Choose them wide and wrap them around the cutlery for example. Ribbons of smaller diameter can surround the feet of the glasses.

Snow bomb

And why not apply the principle of the snow bomb to dishes? Using stencils, create stars or geometric shapes on the exterior surfaces of certain dishes or decanters. Better, however, to favor surfaces that will not have contact with the hands ...