When the Internet helps you live better at home

When the Internet helps you live better at home

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If there is one tool that today occupies the supreme place in the hearts of the French, it is the Internet. Decoration and home professionals therefore had the ingenious idea of ​​combining this tool with one of our favorite pastimes, the decoration / layout of our houses. By doing so, you will be able, via dedicated sites, to choose the color of your walls before running to the store or even find methods to help you tarnish your interior in order. And even you help to live better, live more respectfully with the environment. Selection of these tools that make our daily life easier.

My Storage Method with Sarah Lavoine

Sarah Lavoine - interior designer and decorator - offers real solutions to this big problem that we have all encountered at least once: storage and organization! A crucial step in the art of indoor living, here you will be able to discover videos of demonstrations allowing you to better grasp the new storage methods, which will be detailed through "Before / After". The site is divided into the four main rooms of the house to store: the bedroom, the dressing room, the kitchen, the bathroom. For each space, the Internet user can discover three tabs: star products, products (and the store as well as a more fun game, which will allow you to win new storage products.

3D simulation with Chantemur

Zoé's Low Consumption House with GDF-Suez

Today the issue of the environment is on everyone's lips! Everyone talks about protecting the eco-system, sustainable development ... so many terms buried in so much information that it is sometimes difficult to navigate. Wanting to live green and have a sustainable habitat is good (!), But we don't always know how to go about it. Through its Dolce Vita brand, GDF Suez offers an internet application allowing you to make a simulation of your equipment and thus calculate the ecological footprint of your home. The Zoé Low Consumption House is there not only to help you assess your <> room by room through animations, but it will also be very useful for you to calculate the different means to implement in order to bring your home up to standards as well as the costs and savings that this will generate. Finally a fun and responsible tool for the home.

The Ikea Home Planer to plan your rooms

The Swedish furniture and decoration giant invites you to become a designer for a day. Thanks to its <> you will be able to design your interiors before going to the store and investing in new furniture. The software, very easy to use, allows you to select the furniture that suits you - depending on the dimensions of your interior - then you place, move, delete, modify… (on a 3D room representation such as a real house professional) until you get your dream interior. Once your project is finished, go to the store where you can directly retrieve your plans - save on a dedicated server - and thus equip yourself according to your exact needs. No worries your project will be followed by a professional from Ikea in order to support you in your architectural process.


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