Organic cotton bed linen to protect the environment

Organic cotton bed linen to protect the environment

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Healthier for sleep and less harmful to the environment, organic cotton bed linen has it all. Little reminder of its advantages. Cotton production is one of the most polluting on the planet. Significant consumption of water, chemical agents to treat and color bed linen… the effects of this production are disastrous, especially in the disadvantaged countries where cotton comes from. This is why organic cotton is a good solution. Organic cotton is grown free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers . Its fiber, usually treated with chlorine, is bleached with hydrogen peroxide. The dyes are made without carcinogens or heavy metals. Different labels exist to mark the organic production of cotton such as the Ecocert label, the Ecolabel, the Eko Skal label, the Oeko Tex Standard label, or the IMO label. Each one having different criteria imposed in their specifications. In terms of brands, several brands specialize in organic cotton household linen. We think of Blanc des Vosges or Cotoon for example. But big brands are also doing it like Monoprix, the Tex brand at Carrefour or La Redoute. Here is a selection of organic bed linen to inspire you:


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