What color to associate with cool colors in a living room?

What color to associate with cool colors in a living room?

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Contemporary and refined, a living room in cool colors recalls the ocean and the azure color of the waves for an amazing thrill of freshness in your living room. Soothing and relaxing, these colors offer an antidote against gloom.

Blue: a soothing and relaxing cold color

Bora Bora, big blue, ocean, waterfall blue, so many evocative names forming the color palette of blues. Like an invitation to travel and contemplation, the variations of blue give the opportunity to go far without moving from your sofa. An impression of calm and fullness, they offer a great dose of well-being. You would think you were by the sea or in a lagoon listening to the sound of the waves hitting the reefs. Reassuring, this color offers calm and stability in a room. As a derivative of nervousness, blue relaxes and soothes. Eliminate tension and stress and see life in blue! For a more fashionable decoration, favor mauve or purple, these colors are symbols of balance and meditation. So avoid experiencing the vagaries of everyday life at home. These tones also go very well with blue, just like clay or beige paint.

White lacquered furniture for a contemporary atmosphere

For a cold-colored living room, furniture is very important. Choose white lacquered furniture and white leather sofas. Only furniture with contemporary and refined lines goes well with painting in cool tones. Leaving room for color, it takes on its full dimension in the room. The furniture contributes to the enhancement of the murals. Otherwise you can always combine colorful furniture in a room with white walls. Chairs, armchair, chest of drawers, chandelier, lamp or any other decorative object in cold colors fight against the gloomy mood and attract positive vibes. So you will live in a colorful and cheerful atmosphere. The colors act on the morale and give back the joy of living. Whether the furniture or the walls, the cool colors (blue, green, purple) catch the eye. They bring balance and generosity in a room for a universe placed under the sign of harmony. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"