4 essentials for a Zen room

4 essentials for a Zen room

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1. Nature as the watchword

By definition, the decoration of a zen room draws its inspiration from nature. So what could be better than inviting plants to honor him? Although they are not always recommended in a bedroom, some varieties have soothing, depolluting and even beneficial properties for sleep. We think in particular of gardenia, jasmine, aloe vera or scindapsus, superb plants that will find their place in a Zen-inspired room.Always remember to have only one or two and ventilate the space regularly.

And if you don't have a green thumb or don't want to put plants in your sleeping area, dried flowers also do the trick to give your room a zen feel. Especially since they are very trendy at the moment!

Beyond plants, Zen spirit decoration also results in the use of natural materials. Woven wicker basket, wool or cotton bed throw, bamboo bed frame, wooden furniture ... Natural and authentic fibers have their place in a Zen room.

2. Furniture… but not too much

The bed being the central element of a bedroom, take care to take care of its location, especially if you want to create a zen room ! In the practice of Feng Shui, it is recommended to place it against a wall (head pressed against the latter) and to place it as far as possible from the access door to the room. For the rest of the furniture, you must arrange your Zen room in a refined way.

Indeed, an overloaded room can never give the impression of being conducive to soothing and relaxation! Since free movement is essential, avoid cluttering your room with overly imposing furniture and prefer minimalist furniture to soft shapes.

For the rest, no need to obstruct the space of trinkets of all kinds. The rule is simple: settle for the minimum. And it is not the Japanese trend of wabi-sabi that will say the opposite ... So, be inspired by it and look for beauty in simplicity!

3. Cozy linens

If the decoration of a zen room does without all futility, it cannot, however, do without comfort. Accumulate very soft pillows for maximum comfort, opt for a quilted or padded headboard, place a soft carpet on each side of your bed and do not forget a very comfortable bathrobe on the bed pier to bundle up as soon as you get up.

All the ingredients will be brought together to make your zen room a place conducive to rest and relaxation. As for bed linen, once again, natural materials are in order! Dress your bed with a duvet cover or flannel sheets in winter, and cotton or linen for summer.

4. Soft, subdued light

Finally, a Zen room must imperatively have careful lighting. Immediately forget about direct and aggressive lights, and prefer several light sources to subdued lighting. Why not lanterns to highlight certain corners of the room, a light garland above the bed and / or on a shelf and two auxiliary lights on the bedside tables?

And to top it off, don't forget to light a few scented candles ... for a guaranteed Zen atmosphere!