How to sort and recycle children's toys

How to sort and recycle children's toys

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My son's room is filled with toys, baskets and trunks are filled. It may be time to sort out the toys before bringing new ones in. The goal is to clear the room by getting rid of toys that your child no longer uses.

How to sort children's toys

To take stock, it is best to make an inventory of all the toys. You can do this sorting with children, but if you don't want to tear your hair out and avoid crises, maybe it's easier to do it alone! If your children are cooperative (depending on their age and character!), You can do it with them by explaining to them that it is important to make room to accommodate the new toys received at Christmas. This inventory will allow you at the same time to properly store the toys, until your children give the mess illico presto…

A nice retro piece of furniture that accommodates toys, board games and children's books Start by sorting toys by category: books, toys, stuffed animals, board games, creative hobbies, trinkets and other accessories. Set aside toys and games that are no longer suitable for your child's age and those that your child no longer plays with. If some toys are too damaged to be used or broken and cannot be repaired, it's time to throw them out - depending on the type of toy, you will need to find a suitable collection point around your home! Put in boxes those you want to give or sell. At the end of your sorting, you will have a good vision of all the toys that your child has and you can write it down on a sheet. He needs books, another set of plasticine, a collection to complete with small cars or small figurines, a new board game, a playful toy to learn numbers or the alphabet, a costume to disguise, ...

How to recycle children's toys

-Keeping or giving toys to loved ones : If you have younger children or are planning to expand the family, now is the time to donate the eldest's toys or store them for your next children. You can also give them to your nephews or nieces or to the children of friends, in the nursery, in the nanny, in the relay of the maternal assistants,… You can keep some toys whose sentimental value is strong by storing them in a case. -Resell toys : if you want to earn some money and you are motivated, you can participate in a garage sale. There are a lot of toy purses that take place before the end of year celebrations. But if you want to sell your toys, they must be in fairly good condition and clean. Do not charge too high a price and think that people often negotiate the price of toys, especially if they take more than one. If your children are old, they can help you, they will be happy to play "at the merchant" and to see that their toys have a second life! You can also bring your toys to a consignment store. You must first agree on the sale price, you will receive after the sale by the shop, a small commission. Finally, you can sell from your home without traveling thanks to classified ads sites. You can make lots for books, board games,…

Resell the toys during the toy exchanges before the end of year celebrations and make a little change! -Donate to charities or associations : if you want to do a good deed, you can also bring the toys to associations or charities that will sell them at low prices. Emmaus, The Red Cross, Secours Populaire, Secours Catholique, Little Brothers of the Poor, there is no shortage of organizations. Ask for the address closest to you. Know that they can give a second life to toys by repairing them. By bringing the toys to these charities, you are making a gesture for the planet but you are also in solidarity with the people who work there and those who will come to buy used toys. -Recycle toys with DIY : ideas for creations with toys are not lacking on dé (like these DIY coat hooks or these bookends), so before giving or selling, think about what you could keep to create pretty things. I share with you an idea that I really like: divert animal figurines by repainting them and use them to make pretty covers or a coat hook.

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