Terracotta pots are popular!

Terracotta pots are popular!

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In the garden as at home, the terracotta pots are back in the spotlight. Long considered too simple, they are now invited to the gardens of the greatest landscapers, the interiors of the greatest designers and the Instagram accounts of the most sophisticated bloggers. Zoom on this accessory at a very low price that brings authenticity and a natural spirit to the balcony, the garden and the house.

Inside, the terracotta pots are exposed without complex

How far it seems, the time when the goal of decoration lovers was to hide the terracotta pots from their gaze! Some personalize them by painting or decorating them, others hide them in the aptly named plant pots or repot their plants squarely in pots deemed more sophisticated ... Today, the trend is reversing and we see more and more more simple terracotta pots adorn the interiors of decor bloggers. And this is very good news, not only because the terracotta blends perfectly with the white and refined interiors, but also because with the current trend of urban jungles, these inexpensive pots easy to find are the simplest solution to accumulate green plants at home!

Inside, the terracotta elegantly highlights the plants

Terracotta pots inspire designers

Indoors and outdoors, these ultra-basic terracotta pots also inspire interior architects and designers. Here, they accumulate on a partition to create a green wall, there, they welcome a collection of succulents in a trendy boutique ... In professional salons, the most stylish decoration catalogs and hotels, terracotta pots are not hide more, and better yet they stage themselves! The trend is definitely to sober and natural terracotta.

A green wall in terracotta pots? We say yes!

Terracotta pots on the balcony have style

On the balcony or on the terrace, the terracotta pots compete with the wooden planters to create a raw and natural atmosphere, elegant and unfussy. And the simpler they are, the better. Terracotta neither glazed nor enamelled, these pots promote the well-being of plants by letting air and water circulate. Porous, they allow the roots to breathe better and prevent moisture from stagnating at the bottom, which some varieties do not support well. In summer, they heat less than other pots and can be wet to cool the plants in case of heat waves. To make a success of your balcony of terracotta pots, do not hesitate to choose several sizes and to play the accumulations over the entire length of the balcony. Discover our tips for maintaining terracotta pots.

On the balcony or terrace, the terracotta has it all!

In the garden, terracotta pots are essential

In the garden too, terracotta pots have many advantages for growing certain varieties. Natural, they are nevertheless heavier than other pots and large models are sometimes more expensive. But their clay color is perfect for highlighting Mediterranean varieties and aromatics!

The terracotta pots from the AJJH association at Jardins, Jardin 2017

Another advantage, the broken pots are recycled!

Finally, if the terracotta pots cannot stand the frost well and are more likely to split in the event of extreme cold, they can easily be recycled in the garden. The shards make for example very beautiful DIY garden labels, the broken pots transform into garden decoration and the other pieces can be crushed to make a magnificent natural mulch. Clearly, the terracotta pots are essential!

Even broken, the terracotta pots are beautiful!