How to clean a CMV?

How to clean a CMV?

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What is a CMV?

The controlled mechanical ventilation, more commonly called VMC, is an aeration system that allows you to evacuate and renew the ambient air in a home ... but not only. Indeed, it is also thanks to the VMC that moisture and bad odors are removed in the house. Hence the importance of this equipment in bathrooms (especially if they do not have a window) or kitchens.

Why clean a CMV?

With use, a CMV fatally collects dust, which makes it lose its effectiveness, but can above all present real dangers. Poorly cleaned, the ventilation system will eventually cause stale air to circulate in the room in which it is installed, which can possibly result in:

  • Humidity problems (condensation on windows and mirrors, mold, etc.);
  • Respiratory disorders (asthma, allergies, etc.).

In addition, a poorly maintained and poorly cleaned CMV will turn on more often and longer, which will increase its energy consumption. Too much engine overheating can even cause a short circuit or even a fire. Hence the importance of cleaning a CMV regularly!

When to perform maintenance on your CMV?

To function optimally, a CMV must be regularly maintained. Ideally, this maintenance should be carried out at least once a year, preferably at the end of winter, because it is the season when the system is more used due to the lack of ventilation and heating in the dwellings.

In addition to this annual maintenance, you can also entrust the inspection of your entire ventilation system to a specialist every two years (especially with regard to cleaning the external duct of the CMV).

CMV cleaning: the right actions

Here are the steps to follow for clean your VMC efficiently and securely:

  1. To start, turn off the power in the room in which the CMV is installed.
  2. Then remove the air vents from your VMC, then wipe it with a damp cloth to remove the dust that has accumulated on the device.
  3. In a bucket, mix a degreaser with hot water, then immerse the ventilation openings in the CMV; let the product act for a few minutes, then rinse them properly and above all, dry them well before reassembling them.
  4. Finally, clean the fan and the filters with the product to remove grease residues. If these are worn, do not hesitate to replace them. Make sure that all parts are completely dry before reassembling them.
  5. Take the opportunity to check the correct alignment of the box in which the fan wheel is fixed, as well as the maintenance of the ducts and the tension of the belt.
  6. You can now turn on the power and restart your VMC.

To note : to guarantee proper functioning of your equipment, in addition to cleaning your VMC thoroughly once a year, you can also vacuum the filters with a small hand-held vacuum cleaner every 6 months.

Should I turn off a CMV?

Although cleaning a VMC and maintaining its ventilation system is not a pleasure, turning off your VMC when you are not in the room or operating it part-time to protect it from dust is clearly not a possible option. In fact, this could cause condensation to form in the ventilation system's ducts, and therefore, in the medium term, humidity concerns in your home.

If it is the noise from your VMC that bothers you and makes you want to turn it off, again, do not do it: a too noisy VMC is a VMC that has a malfunction… that you will need to adjust as soon as possible quickly !