What colors in a Scandinavian interior?

What colors in a Scandinavian interior?

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Elegant, refined, warm, the Scandinavian style never ceases to seduce us. If you too want to adopt it at home, bet on furniture with pure lines and delicate colors. Softness and cocooning spirit will be there regardless of the room in which you dare thanks to a choice of light tones. Follow the color guide to associate with a successful Nordic interior.

White for a clean look

As you have probably already noticed, Scandinavian interiors are adorned with white for a more refined style. Starting point for your decor, all white walls to make the room a real skylight. You can also opt for a total white look, not at all "too much", but on the contrary very successful when the furniture and accessories are chosen with care. Warm materials for the plaids and cushions of the sofa, vase with original shapes, chairs with designer lines; the whole is to give reflection with decorative objects full of charm. Last point: installing white curtains in the windows will help you diffuse the light in a slightly dark room for example.

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Black to give a chic side

What we also like in the Scandinavian style is the combination of white and black that we only bring in sparingly. A few frames on the wall here, a chair there, black becomes chic used in small touches. Adopt also without fear some accessories such as cushions with contemporary patterns, a metal lamp or a large rug. We fell in love with pretty, very stylish candle jars that we put everywhere in the room.

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Powder pink or water green

Ideal in a Scandinavian style interior, pastel colors decorate household linen or small decorative accessories. We fell in love with the water green and its many variations in plaid, cushions with geometric patterns, or in plates and cups. Another soft color, much appreciated in Nordic interiors, is powder pink that you choose from a shelf mixed with raw wood or an origami vase. Be aware that these two colors also combine very well with clear furniture or black metal pieces with clean lines.

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Yellow and blue in small touches

New trend in the Scandinavian style: splashes of color to bring a touch of dynamism. Be careful not to choose any ones at the risk of distorting your decor. This season, put on yellow to give pep to your living room by accessorizing it with a coffee table with the colored tray or a knitted pouffe. You can also play daring by leaving directly on a large armchair in sunflower-colored fabric. Another color to adopt without further delay, the sky blue which goes very well with yellow accessories. rugs with graphic patterns, shelves and even a blue sofa will be real allies to energize the room.

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